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A podcast dedicated to solitaire board gaming.

March 9, 2014

1P 054 - Free Trader

The latest episode of the show is on Free Trader, a print and play game about travelling through space and hauling goods.  This neat little card game uses a card driven mechanic to control a lot of the flow of the game.  I take a brief look at the mechanic and how it is used in a few different games, focusing on the evolving complexity as you go from game to game.

September 22, 2013

1P 046 - Chronicles of Arax

This episode is once again mostly about Print and Play games.  Specifically, I talk to Chris Hansen about the Solitaire PnP Design Contest going on right now as well as about his new endeavor with White Dog Games.  Finally, I l look at the solitaire RPG, Chronicles of Arax.

Chronicles of Arax on RPGGeek

Chris's Print and Play News blog on BGG

White Dog Games on ConsimWorld

Labyrinthos on Kickstarter

June 16, 2013

1P 040 - Barbarian Prince

Episode 40 is here!  In this episode I talk a lot about print & play games.  I go into tools, supplies and even a bit about technique.  Then, I review a game which was originally a commercial game but is now available as PnP.

May 12, 2013

1P 038 - AstroNavis Merchant Advanced

This episode covers a neat little Print and Play game on transporting goods across the galaxy. The game is AstroNavis Merchant Advanced. You take on the role of a trader whose just taken a loan out on a ship and has 3 months left to repay it. Your going to need to haul quite a few loads in those 3 months.

I also give a quick recap of Solitaire Gaming Month and my recent solitairish activities which mainly amount to thrifting a few games.

May 26, 2012

1P 019 - March to the Sea

Hello folks. Welcome to the latest episode and the 1 year anniversary. In this episode I very quickly go over all the games currently in the Solo Print and Play Design contest and then give an overview of March to the Sea, the solitaire game of modern conflict in Germany.

Interesting links:

March to the Sea on BGG.

Solitaire Print and Play contest on BGG.

El Tablero Podcast en español.

April 9, 2012

1P 016 - Raider 16-Atlantis

This is the (first) Print and Play episode. Hopefully, I'll have many more of these as I have a few other PnP games I'd like to look at. In this episode, I first talk with Crhis Hansen of the Solitaire Print and Play Design Contest being hosted on BGG. Chris talks about last years contest and winners and also about how to be involved in this years contest. There is also some talk about print and play games, in general. After that interview, I look at Raider 16-Atlantis, which was a winner from last year's contest. I talk about my experiences with putting together and then playing the game.

Raider 16 - Atlantis on BGG.

The files for the game are listed in this discussion.

The current monthly geeklist on print and play crafting.

The Print and Play guild on BGG.

It's origins are based on the Print and Play podcast which has unfortunately been inactive for about a year. However, there is lots of great information on this guild and all the old episodes of that show are still available.

This geeklist has lots of free PnP games to try out.

Reviews by Chris, of games from last year's contest.

And finally... The discussion thread for this year's contest.

November 30, 2011

1P 011 - D-Day Dice

This episode should have been the solo RPG episode but Real Life has gotten in the way of that in a BIG way. Instead, this episode is on D-Day Dice. The co-operative dice game about WW II. If you haven't heard about this game yet, check it out and try out the Print and Play version. If you like it, hop on over to Kickstarter and back this project.

D-Day Dice Free Trial version on BGG

D-Day Dice on BGG

D-Day Dice on Kickstarter

August 20, 2011

1P 007 - SoloPlay variants

In this episode, first I talk about what I've been playing lately. Then, I talk about Solitaire variants. I talk briefly about some games with variants for one and go over what kind of games don't usually support solitaire variants. Finally, I have an interview with BGG user GameRulesForOne. He has designed quite a few solitaire variants that have been posted on BGG.

SoloPlay variants on the Geek