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A podcast dedicated to solitaire board gaming.

July 17, 2011

1P 005 - Ricochet Robot

In this episode, I talk about puzzle games, dexterity games, ThinkFun puzzles and Ricochet Robot. After briefly describe puzzle and dexterity games I talk about a number of puzzles published by Binary Arts. These are very color plastic puzzles. They design lots of stuff for kids but many of the puzzles are great for just about everyone. My 3 year old enjoys them as much as I do. I review Ricochet Robots, it's sort of a party maze game for folks that like puzzles.

Ricochet Robot on Board Game Geek.

ThinkFun's website

July 3, 2011

1P 004 - Luna

Episode 4 of the 1 Player podcast is on games designed for 1 or more players. These are games which are competitive and usually have players vying for the high score at the end of the game. Many of these games work for solitaire play because they have limited interaction. In this episode not only do I review Luna: In the Domain of the Moon Priestess, but I also talk about the Harvest Trilogy by Uwe Rosenberg. The Harvest Trilogy consists of the three games Agricola, Le Havre, and At the Gates of Loyang.

Luna on BGG.

Harvest Trilogy on BGG.