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A podcast dedicated to solitaire board gaming.

1P 006 - Outdoor Survival

August 7, 2011

Episode 6 is finally available. It's only a week late. This episode is about experience games. I define those as games where playing is more abut the experience and story the game provides than it is about winning or losing. I first talk a little bit about dungeon crawlers and the review Outdoor Survival. This game is both despised and beloved. In both cases, I think, because the gameplay is so bad. However, if you start a game of Outdoor Survival with that in mind you'll find the experience more fun for it. Finally, I have a small contest in which you can win a copy of Onirim if you upload an Outdoor Survival scenario to BGG.

Having taken 3 weeks to get this episode out, I think I like that time frame. It gives me enough time to play games between shows. In the near future, I may try and slow down my publishing rate a bit.

Outdoor Survival on BGG