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A podcast dedicated to solitaire board gaming.

April 26, 2012

1P 017 - Smokejumpers

Episode 17 is now up. It features another review about a firefighting game (hopefully not my last). In this one, I talk about Smokejumpers. It's a neat little game where your crack team of firefighters have to stop a forest fire. But, before that, I talk about randomness in a game and some the different mechanics used to handle that.

Smokejumpers on BGG.

April 9, 2012

1P 016 - Raider 16-Atlantis

This is the (first) Print and Play episode. Hopefully, I'll have many more of these as I have a few other PnP games I'd like to look at. In this episode, I first talk with Crhis Hansen of the Solitaire Print and Play Design Contest being hosted on BGG. Chris talks about last years contest and winners and also about how to be involved in this years contest. There is also some talk about print and play games, in general. After that interview, I look at Raider 16-Atlantis, which was a winner from last year's contest. I talk about my experiences with putting together and then playing the game.

Raider 16 - Atlantis on BGG.

The files for the game are listed in this discussion.

The current monthly geeklist on print and play crafting.

The Print and Play guild on BGG.

It's origins are based on the Print and Play podcast which has unfortunately been inactive for about a year. However, there is lots of great information on this guild and all the old episodes of that show are still available.

This geeklist has lots of free PnP games to try out.

Reviews by Chris, of games from last year's contest.

And finally... The discussion thread for this year's contest.