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A podcast dedicated to solitaire board gaming.

July 31, 2016

1P 107 - Samurai Spirit

It's the Solitaire PnP Design contest time of the year.  We have a long chat with Chris Hansen regarding the contest.  First we look at the normal news and Kickstarter stuff.  After we do the normal game review stuff.  This time, we look at Samurai Spirit by Antoine Bauza.  It's a neat little co-op game for the math lover & film buff in you.

0:00:35 - Welcome
0:02:11 - News
0:02:17  -  VPG is moving (VPG)
0:12:04  -  Mansions of Madness 2nd edition (BGG, FFG here and here)
0:17:06  -  1 Player guild keeps growing! (BGG here and here)
0:18:57 - Kickstarter report
0:19:02  -  Hostage Negotiator: Crime Wave (BGGKS)
0:25:46  -  Fire of Eidolon (BGGKS)
0:30:56  -  Fate of the Elder Gods (BGGKS)
0:37:54  -  The Game of Energy (BGGKS)
0:45:18 - PnP Patrol: Solitaire PnP Design Contest (BGGBGG 2016)
1:29:14 - Samurai Spirit (BGG)
2:01:31 - What's it Missing?
July 29, 2016

GenCantSoloCon Ep. 2 - Pre-Registration Event

GenCantSoloCon is right around the corner. Julius comes back to announce the opening of the official geeklist and the start of the pre-registration event. For more details listen to the podcast, or follow the links to the official geeklist:

July 19, 2016

1P 106 - Castle Panic

Albert and Julius (who arrived a bit late) are joined by Mikolaj, designer of a Hostage Negotiator expansion and long time listener. Everyone talks about Mikolaj’s gaming history, some kickstarter games, and all about Castle Panic and its expansions and rethemes. And there’s a contest at the end.

Show notes:


  • News (00:02)

    • 1 Player Guild grows in membership
    • Spiel predictions (00:03)
  • About Mikolaj and upcoming Hostage Negotiator expansions (00:05)
  • Kickstarter (00:40)
    • Crisis (00:41)
    • Hero: Prepare your champion (00:48)
    • Dungeon Time (00:52)
    • Darkness Sabotage (00:57)
  • Castle Panic Review (01:01)
  • What’s It Missing (01:38)
  • Contest: Maquis for iOS and Android release (01:44)
July 11, 2016

GenCantSoloCon 2016 - Episode 1: Welcome

We're launching #GenCantSoloCon 2016 in this episode. Travis from the Low Player Count joins Julius to introduce the next annual GenCantSoloCon and lay out some of the basic details for the event. More details are going to be published as we draw closer to the date, but circle your calendars for the biggest solo convention of the year: August 4-7. We'll see you there.

July 5, 2016

1P 105 - The Shadow Over Westminster

The shadow drifts over the podcast, as Albert and Julius review the Shadow over Westminster. We also chat some about the Barnes and Nobles sale, upcoming conventions, and games we've been playing.

Full show notes:
  • Opening: (00:00)

    • Barnes and Nobles sale
    • Samurai Spirit
  • Kickstarter
    • Hero Realms (00:17)
    • Wayward: Hunter’s Board Game (00:20)
  • Review of The Shadow Over Westminster (00:24)
  • What’s It Missing: The Great Debate (00:59)