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A podcast dedicated to solitaire board gaming.

April 17, 2017

1P 125 - V-Commandos

Welcome back to episode 125 of the 1 Player Podcast. Julius starts out with a discussion of his encounters with local armed robbery, and then explains more details about our new Discord chat.
With the release of the new Onirim app, we've also started playing too many games of Onirim on our respective devices, so we cover this app's release.
Julius also briefly talks about the solo mode in Gloomhaven (noting that the solo scenarios are not indicative of a full solo mode in the game).
Albert also talks about the new Isle of Dr. Necroix game on Kickstarter (and Julius will nag a full review out of him).

Julius also present V-Commandos, a stealth based cooperative game set in SS controlled Germany. Julius goes through the gameplay, nitpicks some, and comes out with a final conclusion. Albert just argues that it should be considered a war game (which it shouldn't).

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Show notes:
- Armed robbery (00:01)
- Patreon backer thanks (00:04)
- Onirim app release (00:08)
- Gloomhaven (00:11)
- Isle of Dr. Necroix (00:13)
Game review: V-Commandos (00:16)
- Addendum for Villages of Valeria (00:16)

April 3, 2017

1P 124 - A Tale of Two Valerias

Hello listenners!  That's right.. this episode we cover two Valeria games..  Quests of Valeria & Villages of Valeria.  Julius played both games and gives his impression on these games.  Also we talk about other stuff we played and welcome our first Patreon backers.


Discord server invite link is here!


03:00 Patreon backer welcome

05:10 Comancheria

06:25 Nautilion

07:30 A Week in the Life of a Level 1 Slime

09:45 Gloomhaven

12:35 Island of Dr. Necreaux (KS)

14:00 Aeon's End: War Eternal (KS)

22:25 Terra Mystica: Gaia Project

23:50 Constantinople

29:00 Valeria

  29:55 Villages of Valeria

  43:50 Quests of Valeria