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A podcast dedicated to solitaire board gaming.

September 26, 2020

1P 174 - Pandemic: Rapid Response

In this episode Julius and I discuss the game Team Pandemic.  Also known as Pandemic: Rapid Response.  This is a hectic timed game in which players are producing plastic cubes to deliver to cities around the world.  Each city has different needs as to what color cubes will solve their crisis so players are working at a hectic pace to produce the correct cubes while they fly around the world.


  • Pandemic: Rapid Response (BGG, Publisher)
  • Timer song to use with the game (BGG)
September 19, 2020

1P 173 - Villagers

In this episode Julius and I look what it takes to grow a village.  Turns out isn't that hard and can be done on your own.  The game Villagers is a fun drafting game from Sinister Fish games for 1-5 players.


September 12, 2020

1P 172 - Thousand Year Old Vampire

In this episode I talk about Thousand Year Old Vampire, the self published game by Tim Hutchings.  This very cool solo RPG won three Ennie awards this year!  In it you play vampire struggling with the passage of time and how we remember things.  It's an excellent game worth checking out, not just because of the unique gameplay, but also because of the excellent production quality.  I quite like it.


Thousand Year Old Vampire (RPG Geek, designer's page)

September 4, 2020

1P 171 - Dream-Eaters, Pt.2

In this spoiler-ific episode, Julius tells us all about the Dreamlands half of the Dream-Eaters campaign for Arkham Horror.  It sounds interesting, but not as much as the other half.


  • Arkham-Horror: The Dream-Eaters (FFG)