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A podcast dedicated to solitaire board gaming.

March 27, 2021

1P 200 - Canvas

Welcome to the 200th episode of the 1 Player Podcast.  Today, Julius and I talk about the game Canvas.  This is a really nice looking game about combining components of art into a single cohesive work of great beauty and lotsa points.  This game uses transparent plastic cards to achieve the goal and unlock your creative point-ential 🙄.  Unfortunately, it is currently unavailable... aaah!


March 20, 2021

1P 199 - Ada Lovelace - Legacy of the Analytical Engine

Episode 199 is about a sneaky little PnP game not found on BGG.. not exactly anyway.  This is a legacy version of the game Ada Lovelace: Consulting Mathematician (which is on BGG).  Julius found out about this game and goes through the legacy experience.  Note, there is every the slightest spoiler in this, but this game doesn't have a lot to spoil.  Check it out.. it sounds interesting!


March 13, 2021

1P 198 - Railroad Ink

In this episode, my voice can actually be heard as Julius and I talk about the roll-and-write game, Railroad Ink.  this is a cute little dice-chucking (for one person) dry erase drawing game of railroad empires.  Hop aboard and listen!  🙄



March 6, 2021

1P 197 - The Hunted Series

Welcome back to another episode.  This time around, Julius interviews Gabe Barrett, designer of the Hunted Series of games and host of the Board Game Design Lab.