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A podcast dedicated to solitaire board gaming.

April 24, 2021

1P 204 - Nations: The Dice Game - Unrest expansion

This week and maybe for the first time, we talk about an expansion to a game.  That's right... can you believe it?  We've already talked about Nations: the Dice Game twice before, not to mention Nations and an interview with Rustan Hakansson, so you know we like it.  Well, here's what we think about the expansion.


  • Nations: The Dice Game - Unrest (BGG)
  • Nations: The Dice Game (BGG)
  • Nattions (BGG)
April 17, 2021

1P 203 - GMT One

This week I have a discussion with Jason Carr of GMT Games.  He's now managing GMT One, their new internal development studio for solitaire gaming.  GMT Games has supported solo gaming for a very long time.  With GMT One, they are now creating a team of developers concentrated on helping GMT designers add solitaire play to their games.

Enjoy the discussion!


April 10, 2021

1P 202 - Horrified

This week Julius tells us about the game Horrified.  If you like the classic movie monsters (Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster & the Bride of Frankenstein, the Mummy, the Invisible Man, the Werewolf and the Creater from the Black Lagoon) then you may just like this game.  This is a co-op game by Prospero Hall and published by Ravensburger that is reminiscent of Pandemic.


April 3, 2021

1P 201 - CDG Solo System

This week Julius is out of town.  Instead, I have a conversation with José Ruiz, a.k.a. Stuka Joe.  Stuka Joe has a YouTube channel with many, many playthrough videos of wargames. It you are interested in wargames it's worth checking out his solo playthroughs of multiplayer and solo games.

He's also the designer of the CDG Solo System which allows a person to play Card Drive Games solo by helping you manage the fog of war created by having a hand of cards.  Don't be confused like I was.  You will still be playing both sides, like playing Monopoly against yourself.  The CDG Solo System helps you manage the cards in a way that will still give you interesting choices and a fog of war.

The solo system is available as a PnP, but GMT is also going to produce a professionally printed edition via their P500, including tweak sheets for some of their CDG games, with more tweak sheets to come.  Not only that, as it is a community driven product, they will be offering their edition as a PnP, including the rules, playsheets and all the files you'll need, with very minimal printing.

I really enjoyed talking to Jose.  Listen in and see if this is something for you.  Even if you aren't a wargamer, this system is something you can probably use in many card driven games.

  • CDG Solo System print and play edition (BGG)
  • CDG Solo System (GMT Games)
  • CDG Solo System playthrough video (BGG)
  • Stuka Joe's video channel (YouTube)