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A podcast dedicated to solitaire board gaming.

November 27, 2021

1P 232 - Tale of the Manticore

Hi folks!  Another chat with a solo content creator. This time, it's with Jon, the host of the Tale of the Manticore podcast.  This show is a hybrid solo RPG playthrough/ dark fiction podcast. The podcast is a serial story in which "the dice determine" the fate of the characters.  A story is being told and crafted by playing a solo game of Dungeons and Dragons.

Jon does an amazing job of producing a high quality show.  This is an excellent example of what can be accomplished by playing an RPG solo.  It's done without an emulator and Jon takes the role of both character and DM, though primarily DM.  It's an excellent show worth listening to and easy to binge and catch up!


November 20, 2021

1P 231 - ROVE

This week Julius and I talk to Jason Tagmire of Button Shy games.  We talk about small games, design contests and the upcoming game ROVE.  It's going to be released on the Button Shy website on Black Friday.  Check it out, it's a neat little spatial puzzle of a game.


November 12, 2021

1P 230 - Cascadia

This week Julius and I talk about the game Cascadia, the game of the Pacific Northwest, designed by Randy Flynn and published by Flatout Games.  This is a tile laying game in which you are placing tiles with a mix environments and populating them with a variety of animals to try and maximize your score.  It's pretty abstract but it's pretty fun and you can try the solo game on-line to see what you think.  I can say, we like it.

This episode features my Golden Retriever, Kaylee, barking in the background throughout the episode.  I removed a lot of the barks but there is only so much I could do.  Later on, she got into the room I was recording in and started eating the catfood out of the bowl.  I hope all that noise is not too distracting!


November 6, 2021

1P 229 - Pandemic: The Cure

It's back to the table for us with Pandemic: The Cure.  This is the classic game of world saving, dice chucking fun.  The game is a dice version of the now classic Pandemic.  Julius and I revisit the game and see how it holds up.