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A podcast dedicated to solitaire board gaming.

December 25, 2021

1P 236 - Maquis

Today Julius and I bring back a classic game to the table.  We are looking at the 2013 Solo PnP Design Contest game, Maquis by Jake Staines.  The second edition of this game was just published so we look at it again.  The published version is quite a nice package and very well worth looking into.


December 18, 2021

1P 235 - Ironsworn

Julius and I talk about the RPG Ironsworn, designed by Shawn Tomkin.  The game is a full fledged RPG that can be played solo or co-operatively and can work equally well either way.  It's set in a fantasy world that you define.  It's quite a good game... and really an excellent RPG all around.  It's available for free to download or you can purchase physical copies of the book.  If the fantasy setting isn't your thing, you can check out the upcoming Starforged game based on the same system.

Also, I joined the guys at the More Games Than Time to help celebrate their 1 year anniversary.  Check out the episode, linked below.

December 11, 2021

1P 234 - Arkham Horror LCG: Innsmouth Conspiracy, part I

This week Julius and I discuss the no longer latest campaign for the Arkham Horror card game.  I am writing of Innsmouth Conspiracy.  In this campaign, you get to explore Innsmouth and environs and have all sorts of interesting adventures.  This is part 1 of 2 episodes.  In this part, we cover the first four campaigns.  Just a note, but part 2 will not be the next.. give it a bit of time :)

Come listen.. we are labelling this a spoiler episode as it will give away some of the story and a small bit of strategy.  However, it's a very small bit of strategy.  Based on what I learned from Julius, I doubt I will have more success the next time I play.

  • Arkham Horror: LCG (BGG, FFG)
  • Innsmouth Conspiracy (BGG, FGG)
  • In To Deep (BGG, FFG)
  • Devil Reef (BGG, FFG)
  • LotR: Murder at the Prancing Pony (BGG, FGG)
December 4, 2021

1P 233 - Fire of Eidolon

This week, I teach Julius about Fire of Eidolon from Magic Meeple Games and designed by Michael Lipton.  It's a fun little Pandemic style game in which you expand the dudgeon as you explore it and then watch it crumble away as you race to collect the Fire of Eidolon and get out before becoming trapped forever.

I really like this game with all the variability in set-up and options.  Julius is less impressed and says he'd rather play Forbidden Island.