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A podcast dedicated to solitaire board gaming.

March 21, 2016

1P 099 - Project Dreamscape

Welcome to the 99th episode of the 1 Player podcast.  Yup, we are nearly at 100; but, for now let's focus on 99.  This episode is one of the biggest yet at almost 144 minutes!!  It's got a lot.  There is the normal KS news, and a discussion on games whose solo experience killed the multiplayer game and games whose multiplayer experience killed the solo game.  Then, Chris has his solo report on Mr. CabbageHead's Garden Game by Todd Sanders.  Then Julius talks about Project Dreamscape by Will & Sara Reed.  We have a Great Debate and finally Julius finishes up with an interview with Sara Reed.

  • Project Dreamscape (BGG, Undine Studious)
  • Mr Cabbagehead's Garden (BGG)
  • The Goonies: Adventure Card Game (BGG)
  • Lock and Load: Normandy solitaire (Lock n Load)
  • Solitaire Games on Your Table Aggragator (link)
  • Dungeon Delvers (KS)
  • Taue Ceti (KS)
August 5, 2013

1P 043 - Shut the Box

This episode I briefly talk about the game Shut the Box and even play the game live on the show!  I also list my Top 10-ish solitaire games.

Shut the Box on BGG
April 1, 2013

1P 036 - Bowling Solitaire

This episode covers, briefly, the history of solitaire, resolves a contest, and then describes a different solitaire... Bowling Solitaire by Sid Sackson. Happy April Fool's Day all.