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A podcast dedicated to solitaire board gaming.

January 29, 2022

1P 240 - The Curious Correspondence

This week Julius and I look at something a bit different.  The Curioius Correspondence Club is a subscription service that will send you an escape room style mystery every month.  It comes in the form of a letter with all kinds of papercraft items that you use to solve the mystery.

Each letter is just about self contained, other than the internet you need to enter the final answer once you have solved all the puzzles.  You can also look at layered on-line hints if you get stuck with a puzzle.


The Curious Correspondence Club (website)

November 20, 2021

1P 231 - ROVE

This week Julius and I talk to Jason Tagmire of Button Shy games.  We talk about small games, design contests and the upcoming game ROVE.  It's going to be released on the Button Shy website on Black Friday.  Check it out, it's a neat little spatial puzzle of a game.


September 4, 2021

1P 221 - Mazescapes

This week Julius and I talk more about games that aren't games.  I bought two new Mazescape mazes, published by Devir games.  These are fun little mazes that required folding and unfolding the page in different ways to be able to solve the maze.  Julius and I also briefly talk about two other games that are both very similar, Friedemann Friese's Folders mazes and Monument Valley.


Folders is basically the same idea as Mazescape but a bit simpler in that you are just trying to find the exist.  Monument Valley is a very successful video game with a similar idea of travelling through a shifting maze.

August 28, 2021

1P 220 - Relics of Rajavihara

This week Julius talks with Joe Slack, designer of Relics of Rajavihadra.  This is a puzzle game, think Think Fun's Rush Hour or River Crossing.  These are fun spatial puzzles include large pieces to play with, grab in your hand and move about.  I really enjoy these kinds of games, or puzzles, as you prefer.  This one sounds pretty cool!