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A podcast dedicated to solitaire board gaming.

November 27, 2021

1P 232 - Tale of the Manticore

Hi folks!  Another chat with a solo content creator. This time, it's with Jon, the host of the Tale of the Manticore podcast.  This show is a hybrid solo RPG playthrough/ dark fiction podcast. The podcast is a serial story in which "the dice determine" the fate of the characters.  A story is being told and crafted by playing a solo game of Dungeons and Dragons.

Jon does an amazing job of producing a high quality show.  This is an excellent example of what can be accomplished by playing an RPG solo.  It's done without an emulator and Jon takes the role of both character and DM, though primarily DM.  It's an excellent show worth listening to and easy to binge and catch up!


October 16, 2021

1P 226 - Errant Adventures Podcast

This week I return to interviewing other solo podcast hosts.  This time around, it's Steve Morrison of Errant Adventures.  The podcast features playthroughs of solo games.  Each game spans multiple episodes and after over 40 weekly episodes he's still on his third game.  We have a long rambling discussion centered around solo roleplaying as well as his podcast.  I hope you enjoy!


June 27, 2020

1P 161 - Alone Among the Stars

In our latest episode, we look at the solo journaling RPG Alone Among the Stars.  It's a neat little game were you write super-short journal entries about your journey through space as you visit planets and see strange new sites.

I posted my session as a blog entry here.

June 27, 2020

Alone Among the Stars playthrough

What follows is a playthrough of Alone Among the Stars by Takuma Okada. It was played in a 40 page pocket notebook. Generally speaking, each card I played filled a half a page to a page.  Learn more about this on episode 161.


♠️ ♦️ ♣️ ♥️

A journal of the planets I have visited on my vacation I decided to take a few years to do an old-fashioned road trip. I bought myself an old interstellar science ship and a camera. I plugged in some parameters into the ship's computer and let it decide each next stop. Basically, I have it taking me to planets I can survive while in an old pair of jeans and a light jacket. Oh yeah, and the planet hopefully the planet is so far not visited by humans.

Dunescape Oceania

2♠️: The first planet I visited is a rocky landscape of craggy cliffs and deep trenches. I landed the ship on a flat plain near the edge of some cliffs. At night, the valley is pitch black. Under the moonlight, the ground is a deep red. The night is quiet.

10♠️: I slept well. The next morning I spent some time taking notes and studying the rocks in my vicinity. The ship sensors showed the ground was highly crystallized.

High noon came quickly. The valley was well lit and I could see rivers down below at about 150 meters. The cliff walls were littered with waterfalls.

Q♠️: I used a winch to lower myself. The water was flowing at a gentle pace and quite comfortably cool. I spent some time swimming in the waters. I found the river was quite deep and worn smooth over countless millennia. Deep down, I could see caves, dark caves. It left me uneasy and I swam back to my rope.

8♦️: As I reached my rope, I was startled by a giant worm that broke the water surface where I had been swimming. I raised myself out quickly.


Omni Ruins II

3♥️: The second planet I visited had once had a civilization. I know this because I found ruins next to a lazy river. I spent some time studying the ruins and taking pictures.

The ruins were low and went into the ground. My best guess and I am no xeno-anthropologist, were tall at maybe 3-4 meters. They were likely humanoid. The structures were metallic and plastic. I assume they were an advanced society.

I could not figure out much else and found no other ruins. I spent a few weeks here.


Chemi Dust

9♣️: The third planet I visited was a strange one. I had no idea why the ship picked it for me at first. The planet was barren and lifeless. It was flat with empty plains of grey dirt as far as I could see. It was a mystery I wanted to solve. I spent a couple of days working the ship computers & sensors. As a bonus, I learned much about how to control the old equipment and what it was capable of.

Turns out this planet is teaming with life but deep underground. The sensors show what may be vast forests or grasslands maybe 400 meters down. How could this be?

A♠️: I kept at the sensors and eventually realized/learned that the vegetation had buried itself upon my arrival. It was a marvelous defense mechanism.

Once I understood it better, I was able to coax a small field up to the surface. What an extraordinary experience!! I watched the plants "grow" 4 meters in the span of 15 seconds.

These were a kind of grass, thick and stiff and barbed with waving fin-like growths. Really, a plant or an animal?

6♣️: Once I understood the ecosystem better, I realized the planet was not flat but covered with peaks & valleys. The soil just hid all the details.

The highest peak was only 3000 meters but was covered in a thick layer of snow. I was able to sled down for a distance of 5 kilometres with a total drop of only 400 meters.

3♣️: I stopped at the edge of a gentle river! Yes a river but of loose sand, not water. I wonder if it contained any fish. I never thought to check.

4♥️: I realized it was time to leave when I found another ship. It had not been here long, maybe two months. It was mostly buried in sand. Probably a storm had covered it.

It seems I had been quite lucky to be here during nice weather. Who knows how long that luck might hold. Best not found out.




10♥️: The next planet I visited was not a pleasant experience. Overall, it seemed to support pleasant weather but I arrived during a storm. Turns out the rain here is somewhat acidic. The ship could not stay longer than a few days before the corrosion would start to set in. It doesn't mean the acid was strong, per se, but even microscopic damage could be catastrophic on a space faring vessel.

On the planet surface, I had to wear goggles to protect my eyes from the stinging humidity. The plant life was well adapted and seemed to have love it. It was a thriving jungle. High up on overgrown cliffs, I found signs of a decayed tower. The bad weather had taken its tool. The structure was collapsed. How did people live here?


Arcanum I

10♦️: The fourth planet, I again had some noteworthy cliffs. This time, I found a living civilization. The place was colonized by small beings each about 25 centimetres tall. The people were three legged and waled prone to the ground. Using my ship's computer I was able to communicate but found their thought processes too alien to truly correspond. They spent much of the time doing nothing and then after a few days would enter a state of intense productivity; food gathering, construction, cleaning, etc. I found them to be very a very unique race.


2♦️: After a few days it was apparent they did not want me around. It seems i Had overstayed my welcome and yet I did not leave. I regret my actions now but I was determined to learn more. I made it clear with threats that I would be staying. At that point they ceased all interactions with me.

Two nights later I witnessed a most amazing ritual. I believe it was a mating ritual but honestly, I am not sure. It definitely seemed religious too.

The seriousness with which they took it, it was obvious I was intruding. I left and did not witness the end. I left what apology I could. I don't know that it was enough.


Lionel IX

8♣️: The next planet I visited was cold, so cold. I stayed briefly. The planet was full of mountains and valleys. It was covred in snow & ice. While exploring, I came across a, an um, dent in the landscape. It was odd. It was a deep bowl shape of ice. Down at the center was a plant. It almost caught me. It seems the plant had made the bowl by leting the ice around it so it could create a trap, much like a sand lion on Earth. Anything trapped in teh bowl would have a hard time escaping the slick surface.



8♠️: The next planet I visited was a tropical paradise - I think. I am no longer so sure. While resting on a green hill, having a lunch of alien fruits, I spotted an area of whiteness. It looked like ice, like most of Lionel IX. I headed there and sure enough, I was on a glacier. As I entered the icy terrain the temperature dropped twenty, thirty, forty degrees down below 0°C. The area was about 500 meters across. At the center was a machine, still functioning but much damaged. It was maintaining the zone of cold. Had this planet once been deliberately frozen?


10♣️: I started looking for more signs of manipulation. I thought I had found it on a cliff, high up there was something strange and dark, maybe metallic. It was all these but it was also a living plant. Its branches writhed and seemed like segmented metal. It was segmented metal and yet looking under a microscope I could see cell structures. Nothing indicated it was artificial.


J♣️: In the desert, I found a forrest of mushrooms. Really? Don't these things require more moisture? Don't they thrive on decay? This desert was otherwise barren. Again, I suspected deliberate manipulation but could find no more evidence of that.

3♦️: Near a river, I found critters that seemed like some sort of pet. Their look was very pet-like, I mean, cute & cuddly. They didn't behave so pet-like. They were quite aggressive.

Doh! Of course, all the stuff I found had been created. It had just evolved since the civilization declined. Wait, they became alive?

3♣️: I found something else by that river. The "pets" had overtime made caves to live in. They had dug into the clay ground and had created large spacious tunnels. The tunnels were low in the banks of the river. Over time, the river had flooded and drained. Minerals in the water had coated the caves, making them quite solid and pearlescent in colors of blue, pink and violet. It was quite amazing. I think it was one of the most beautiful things I encountered on my trip.



J♦️: I first landed on this planet at the edge of a vast desert. This desert was high in the mountains cold and rugged. I found an insect-like race of people living here with a society that revolved mostly around musics. I quite enjoyed my time here with them. It was more than a month before I moved on.


2♣️: My last nights there under the light of a dark blue moon, the desert was still. In the nearby village I could hear the heartbeat of the music and the velvety sounds of wind instruments, both low and long as well as short high pitched twittering. The music was beautiful. In the blue moonlight, the plants seamed to sway and bob to the music. I thought it was a trick of the night but no, they really were dancing to the music coming from the village. I spent hours there just mesmerized by the sights and sounds of the desert night.



6♥️: One of the crazy things about the people of Koh-I-Noor is that they had colonized a few planets in their solar system. The system consisted of two stars and multiple habitable planets. I did not visit them all - not yet.

On the planet they called M+R, they had told me existed a remote temple on a snowy mountain. The name of the temple translated roughly to the Heart of the Beat. The weather there made it impossible to land nearby. I was able to form a team with some of the locals and we climbed the snowy mountain. Up there, we found a long abandoned temple. The place was long in ruins. Anything that could be taken had been, long since. The place had a strange beatific feeling to it. It must have been just amazing when it was still inhabited. Even with all the effort to get there, with so little to see, I am glad I took the journey. I am the better for it.

9♥️: Descending the mountain, we came across an easily missed cairn. The moss covered stones, it turned out, were the entrance to deep caves. The path underground was well trodden. I could tell by the damage to the stalagmites and the rubble on the ground. I could not tell if it had been recently used. None of my companions had ever heard of these caves.

The path down was long but not difficult. Eventually we reached a large expansive area that was obviously the destination. I have promised my friends not to say more than this. What we found answered a lot of the questions the visit to the snowy mountaintop had lead us to ask. The questions will be answered but it will take time.

K♣️: This trip wasn't all about ruins and exploration. One night, back at the village, it suddenly started to snow. I was quite startled as it was a warm summer. I avoided embarrassing myself by holding my tongue for a minute. Just as the flakes were about to land, the wind caught them and they fluttered away. They were in fact a swarm of small insects. They would float down and feed on pollen from the trees as it fell. As they reached the ground, they swarmed to the next tree and floated down again as the swarm chased the pollen.

6♠️: There were only a few nights left on this planet. I was with my new friends celebrating our friendship. We all heard, no, felt. We felt a loud noise. Running outside, it was obvious what was going on. The mountain with the ancient ruins was erupting. Lava was flowing from the distant peak. That night the ruins were lost forever. I left the planet heavy with sadness at the loss but grateful I had been able to experience the temple.



7♦️: The planet HB-#2 is a planet full of highly active volcanoes, yet it is already beginning to form an ecosystem. That is what brought me here. A species of small lizard-like rodents live here. Really, the only way to study them is to lay back on a rocky slope and wait their arrival. They are fast skittish critters. If you wait long enough, they will come near you as they are also curious.

What makes them most interesting is that they can fly using leathery wings. Their look and their proximity to volcanoes has led to the nickname "dragon-rats". When they ado get close, make a sudden move and then watch all the dragon-rats take flight as one.

A♥️: The regular volcanic activity has led to fast growing grasses. There are few trees. There are many lush fields of grass growing on beds of ash and lava. Few last longer than a few decades before another eruption.

In one of these fields I found an abandoned interstellar cruiser. It was obviously long abandoned. I managed to hack the ship computers. It seems entries stopped suddenly about 5 years back. The crew was headed west to study a nearby lava field. Readings indicated that right about then there was another eruption in that area.

As this ship was better than mine, I decided to claim it. I set it on autopilot shooting it out into orbit, then followed in my ship In a couple of weeks, I was able to learn & reprogram the new computer and tie communication between ships so my old one would follow. I left behind the planet and all its convulsive life.




5♦️: The large ships computer brought me next to a gargantuan planet. Everything about it was BIG. I landed my ship in a hole carved a kilometre up into a tree. It appeared to have been the nest of a massive woodpecker of some kind - whatever comparable species lived on this planet. I have never spent time in the canopy of a tree. This was quite interesting. Here there was a constant humming of insect life. I never left my ship as any of these insects could have eaten me. Still, it was an amazing view from here. So many things were flying and crawling about. My favorite were the giant butterflies. At that size, the haphazard flying was scary.

2♥️: While flying over the land looking fro something else to explore, I flew over a ridge. The moon lit up a valley below and I could make out geometric shapes dotting the river. Closer inspection brought me to ruins. It appeared to be a village. Not much was left other than stones outlining the square shape of houses. These were simple one room structures. Existence here was apparently subsistence based. It still took me a full minute to cruise the length of one of these small huts. I am still in awe at the size of this planet.

I've no idea how long it had been deserted/abandoned, but I didn't see any debris or artifacts from the inhabitants.

Q♣️: My last "stop" on this planet was a fast trip through a field of flowers. Flying through giant plants was actually pretty cool. Petals as tall as my ship waved in teh breeze as I flew past them. Pollen gathering insects buzzed around and a few times I nearly crashed into them. Their giant bodies wheezing & weaving around the field and bobbing about were so hard to avoid.



6♦️: The next planet I visited was lush and Earth-like. It had vast oceans, sweeping deserts, ancient forests, granite peaks and frozen tundra. Life forms here even seemed vaguely earth-like. In a green grassy valley, I found a herd of grazing creatures. They were strong like horses but ran and leaped like gazelles. They were smaller than either, bout the size of a large dog. If it wasn't for the size of the herd - maybe 5000 animals, I would have said they were some sort of dog.

A♣️: In a field of tall grasses I came across a vine, long and thick. It writhed like a snake but green and leafy.

4♣️: I found a steep canyon with short and sparse trees growing on the almost vertical slopes. Okay, it wasn't quite "almost vertical" but climbing down to it, it may as well have been.

There wasn't much to this plant but it had a dark, rich bark sinuous and gnarled. I took a branch and turned it into a flute of sorts.


K♦️: High above in the sky, there were birds gliding over a valley. They were some sort of predatory bird but had long flowing tails that waved in the wind. From the distance, I could not tell if the tail assisted in flying or if the length was simply decorative - you know, to attract mates.

Later I saw another flying with it but without the tail. Yeah, that tail was probably part of its mating ritual.

This planet was strange but so familiar. I felt my trip coming to its end. I was feeling a bit homesick, I guess.


Klarex VII

K♥️: I was able to gather information from my new ship's computer and used it to choose my next destination. In it's database I found a bureaucratic planet on the edges of the empire's expanse. The planet was known for its laid back nightlife, a stark contrast to a stiff workday culture.

On arrival, I found the planet a smoldering ruin. It had been destroyed in the last few years, or so it seemed. I could not find any sign of remaining sentient life.

I docked into the remains of a floating port station hoping to find out what happened.

4♦️: All the technology in the station was destroyed and I found nothing useful. I took a shuttle down to the planet surface and managed to find a canyon near some ruins. I parked there to examine the canyon before visiting the city.

Surprisingly, the canyon seemed verdant. The walls green, growing with a rumble of life seemed to be taking back a small bit of the planet.

I could here the chirps & shouts of animals. The sounds floated up the canyon and grew eerily cacophonous. I couldn't get a sense of what or how may creatures made those sounds.

The ruins were completely razed. The damage seems to have been done by both explosives and lasers. Whoever did this was still relatively early in the technology curve. This kind of weaponry was rarely used by space faring beings.




7♥️: I had learned nothing on Klarex VII to tell me what had happened, or I should say, nothing to tell me why the destruction had happened. Unfortunately, now I was morbidly curious. Doing a bit more digging, I chose another planet to visit on the opposite end of this empire's domain. Just how vast was the destruction?

I found a planet dedicated to education and it seemed worth a try. I spent much of the trip plowing the interstellar communication channels in the vicinity. I arrived hopeless because I heard nothing but silence.

I found a village, still smoldering, on the slopes of a mountain.

4♠️: South of the ruins I found a canyon, carved by the invaders. I could tell because they left some damaged equipment. They had been mind the planet for resources.

On the trip here, I had learned that Thalean was rich in Termaline deposits. They must be harvesting an immense quantity of weapons fuel. I couldn't imagine why other than to launch a massive war, but how could they win with their primitive technology. How had they been winning?

K♠️: I had completely lost track of my environment. The weather had been turning quickly worse. Rain started to pour down in powerful bursts. I ran for the cover of my ship.Suddenly, the wind started to blow quite loudly and debris banged on the outer hull. I realized I was in a tornado when the wind lifted the ship onto its side and tipped it over.

In that state, I could not access the navigation system to get me out. I hadn't figured out how to, not yet. Instead, I rode out the storm.

7♣️: Unfortunately, the storm also did a lot of damage to the alien machinery, all of it was covered in a landslide. I had not yet had a chance to study it to see what else I could learn about the invaders. There was nothing I could do about it. With luck, I could stumble upon more equipment.

5♠️: Just to be sure, I spent some time studying the area. With luck, the tornado had missed something useful.

I spotted something glittering in a tree. I climbed up and found a large Tremaline crystal. It's value was more than anything I'd ever encountered. I had no real desire for it, but it needed, it could be quite a useful bargaining chip. Hopefully it didn't come to that. I did not want to mix with the kind of crowd that would want this.

7♠️: I spent more time scanning and exploring the planet but did not manage to find anything else telling of the invaders. I found more ruing but nobody was left. I returned to what had become by base by the ruins on the mountain. I found nothing but destruction and chaos. These last few weeks had drained me. I was feeling hollow and lonely.

It was time to head home. Maybe I could leave this unknown war behind me, though I doubted it. I at least wanted to try. Maybe I could escape it or maybe those invaders would find my planet too. Either way, I would be with my family again.

♠️ ♦️ ♣️ ♥️

July 9, 2018

1P 152 - Four Against Darkness

Another episode another game!  This time we talk some brief news including Albert's new fountain pen podcast and the new Snowdownia Kickstarter.  Then we take a deep look at Four Against Darkness, the solo RPG dungeon crawl in which you take for intrepid adventures in a quest for fame and fortune.

January 29, 2018

1P 143 - Untold: Adventures Await

In episode #143 we look at the new game for Creativity Hub, now known as Hub Games.  The game is Untold: Adventures Await.  This is a cooperative storytelling game that uses Rory's Story Cubes and is really a light RPG in disguise.  We also have a small segment interviewing Rory O'Conner of Rory's Story Cubes fame. For the rest of the really interesting cube, head on over to the Every Night is Game Night podcast (episode #71)!



  02:50 Forbidden Sky (BGG)

  05:00 The Big Score (correction) (BGG)

  05:24 Rambo (BGG, KS)

  09:46 Contest

  10:21  StuffedFables (BGG)

  12:50 1 Player Guild user poll (BGG)

  14:43 Hostage Negotiator app beta (BGG)


  15:41 Untold: Adventures Await (BGG)


  40:00 Solo RPGing (BGG)

  41:16 Rory O'Conner on the Extraordinaires Design Studio (BGG)

September 13, 2016

1P 109 - Shadowrun: Crossfire

Episode 109 is here!  This time Albert describes Shadowun: Crossfire.  This is a deck buidling game set in classic cyperpunk Shadowrun universe.  Also Julius interviews B.J. Galley and Brad Lawrence on their upcoming re-Kickstarter game, Victoriana.  Plus most of the usual stuff.

00:00:39 - Welcome everybody
00:02:46 - Hostage Negotiator (BGGHostage cards)
00:06:09 - Guilds of London (BGG)
00:06:59 - Too many solo games?
00:09:33 - Kickstarter
00:09:33 -  Card Rogue (BGGKS)
00:16:12 -  Victoriana (BGGKS)
00:17:29 - Victoriana Interview
00:47:58 - Shadowun: Crossfire (BGG)
01:28:57 - Whats it missing?

November 19, 2014

1P 068 - Covetous Poet Adventure Creator and Solo GM Guidebook

This episode has been loooong in the making.  Mainly this is because I recorded the interview at the end of September.  This show is on solitaire RPGs.  I interview Kenny the Cabbage.  He runs the solitaire RPG guild on BGG and hosts a blog on solo roleplaying (soloroleplayer.com/).

I also look at solo roleplaying using the Covetous Poet Adventure Creator and GM Guidebook.  This book is used to both create an adventure with a big adventure, to you would play over multiple game sessions, and help you play an RPG solo.  It is designed to be used along an RPG of your choice.  Even though the adventure is defined up-front, the details of each scene are completely unplanned until you are ready to play it.  The game turns out to be quite surprising.  I tried this out using the Fantasy Flight Edge of the Empire Beginner Game RPG and it worked really well.
August 3, 2014

1P 062 - Duel in the Dark

This "week" I look at the game Duel in the Dark.  This is a two player game with a solo variant build in.  It is set in WWII Europe.  British bombers are attacking your German cities and you need to defend them from the onslaught.  In this weird game, victory points are gained when other side moves into your space.

I also cover a few other topics including a bit more look at solo RPGing and also GenCon solo friendly games.
July 19, 2014

Crash Landing - Using Rory’s Stroy Cubes with Cosmic Patrol

The system I used to drive the adventure was simple. Each time I felt I needed some outside push (the GM), I pulled 9 random Rory's Story Cubes from a bag and rolled them. I then picked three and used that to determine what might happen next.

First up, some comments:
  • I am having trouble finding what perspective and style to use. I’m worried it is a bit too much like a story because of how I wrote this.
  • I wrote this out long-hand in a notebook.
  • I have done some minor editing of my original writing to sound better.
  • My character was a Martian whose preferred weapon is a battle axe.
  • The adventure ended prematurely. I could have altered that, but decided to keep it as is.

Crash Landing

Read the rest of this entry »

July 16, 2014

1P 061 - Rory’s Story Cubes

In this episode I very quickly look at using Rory's Story Cubes for solo RPG gaming.  I also spend some time talking with A.J. Porfirio about Hostage Negotiator which is just now on Kickstarter.

September 22, 2013

1P 046 - Chronicles of Arax

This episode is once again mostly about Print and Play games.  Specifically, I talk to Chris Hansen about the Solitaire PnP Design Contest going on right now as well as about his new endeavor with White Dog Games.  Finally, I l look at the solitaire RPG, Chronicles of Arax.

Chronicles of Arax on RPGGeek

Chris's Print and Play News blog on BGG

White Dog Games on ConsimWorld

Labyrinthos on Kickstarter

June 16, 2013

1P 040 - Barbarian Prince

Episode 40 is here!  In this episode I talk a lot about print & play games.  I go into tools, supplies and even a bit about technique.  Then, I review a game which was originally a commercial game but is now available as PnP.

January 8, 2012

Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 – The Grain Peddler

What follows is the session report I wrote as I played Mouse Guard solitaire using the Mythic RPG rules to play without a GM.  Text in parenthesis is game information such as dice roles.  Any parenthetical section that has MR refers to a Mythic Roll.  The rest are all pretty much about Mouse Guard rules.


It is the late in the fall of 1152.  In the towers of Lockhaven, Sadie and Saxon report to Gwendolyn who has called for the two Guardmice in the early evening.  “I need you to patrol the trail between Rootwallow and Barkstone.  A grain peddler has gone missing.  Find him.”  No other instructions are necessary other than the formality of details.  However, Gwendolyn pulls Sadie aside and quietly, but within the hearing of Saxon, says “This grain peddler might be a spy selling secrets about Lockhaven.  I need you to determine if it’s true or not.”

  • Sadie’s goal for this mission is to find the grain peddler and determine if he is a spy or not.
  • Saxon’s goal is to protect Sadie from any physical harm.

GM’s turn

The grain peddler

Having determined that the peddler grain peddler started about 4 days ago and the trip to Barkstone is about 8 days Sadie and Saxon head for an area about halfway between the two points.  (Low challenge/Above Average skill roll to determine how good her guess is. MR =  54%) He is in the vicinity and the mice try to locate him (Scout 6).  Sadie tries to find evidence of the grain peddler, such as tracks or trails (using her Scout 2 skill).  Saxon looks for a path (using Pathfinder 5).  After a few hours of Fruitless searching, the mice are sure they have lost the grain peddler.  Sadie stops the team and decides they need a rest to recollect there thoughts.  While snacking on some breads, Saxon notices that the leaves running next to the trail are overturned.  They look like a wagon has passed through here.   (Sadie used a Fate point). The mice have there energy renewed and keep moving.  Shortly they catch up to the wagon a short distance from the trail.

Once they have reached the cart, the Mice Guard find the grain peddler resting on the far side of it hiding up against a tree.  He is sound asleep.  (High/Avg to determine if the mice think to look for anything in the grain cart.  MR = 60%).  Sadie decides to wake him, though Saxon cautions against that.  Thinking it may be easier to search him first.  Sadie decides that is not honorable enough and not the way a mouse of the Guard should behave.  Instead she wakes him with a mild kick on his thigh.  (Is the grain peddler startled and nervous when awoken?  Low/Average.  MR = 64%).  The grain peddler is startled when awoken and appears obviously nervous by the mice.  He backs up against the tree and demands, in a nervous voice, “Who are you?  I’ve done nothing wrong!  Please, don’t rob me!”.

Sadie tries to respond re-assuringly saying “We are not here to rob you.  We are Guard Mice and on patrol in these parts of the wood. We noticed tracks off the beaten path and thought to check on them.  We’d hate to see anything happen to a mouse in the wild.  Are you okay?”

The mouse responds that yes, he is okay, though a small amount of doubt can be sensed in his voice. (Low/Above Average MR = 24%).  At this point, Sadie decides to question the mouse as there conversation is getting her nowhere.  She hints at the possibility of a spy or traitor and says she is looking for information.  (A versus test).  The interrogation doesn’t go well for Sadie.  She does not like intimidating another mouse.  She finally manages to get the information from the grain peddler and he gives her the map.  However, in the process she becomes tired and lets him run home.  The grain peddler seems terrified at having been caught by such dangerous mice and agrees to never do harm again.  He admitted to doing this solely for the money it gave him to help feed his family.

Saving the grain

The two mice are now stuck with a valuable shipment of grain that needs to reach Barkstone before the first snowfalls.  It’s already late fall and the snows are late as it stands.  This grain shipment will be invaluable to the residents of Barkstone.  Then again, it’s also useful in Rootwallow.  However, if left here it will be lost.  (Are we closer to Barkstone than Rootwallow: Avg/Avg  MR = 84%).  The mice are closer to Rootwallow than Barkstone.  (Does Sadie want to go to Barkstone? Avg/Avg MR = 20%).  Sadie decides to go forward to Barkstone even though it’s about 3 days to Rootwallow.  The grain was purchased by the people of Barkstone and probably need this grain to survive the winter.  The journey to Barkstone will take 5 days.  Probably the two mice working together can reduce that to 4 days but it will still be a lot of hard work.

The season as been wet and cool but it hasn’t been cold yet.  However, the last two nights where colder than normal and clouds have been forming in the sky.  Sadie, having and understanding of storm patterns looks at the sky (Weather Watching skill).  Unfortunately, the weather is too much in a state of flux to decide what can happen Sadie is unsure of what the weather will bring.  The only thing is to buckle down and start moving.

(Now, we have a Conflict against the weather. This may be a bit tricky as the DM and players each choose their own actions privately.  I’ll need to modify it to make it work solo.  I’m figuring this out as I go along.  The starting player Disposition = 5.  Weather’s Disposition = 7.)

(I’m determining what actions the players want and what actions the GM might choose.  Then I’m using a MR to determine if that value sticks.)

(Player actions are Maneuver, Attack, Attack)

(GM actions are Feint (MR = 66%), Maneuver(MR = 20%), Attack(MR = 96%))

(-----------First action-----------)

(Player Maneuver)The mice decide to first prepare for the possibly hash weather.  They double check the tarp and all tie downs, prepare the wheels for driving in harsh weather and prepare themselves to have necessary equipment handy.  The weapons are put away safely in the grain.

(GM Feint Um, not sure what to do so I’ll just describe the weather)While the players start to get ready for the journey, a wind picks up making their task harder.  Even though they finish preparing quickly, they feel a sense of foreboding.

(-----------Second action-----------)

(Versus test Attack/Maneuver)While Sadie pulls the cart Saxon scouts ahead and finds a good trail through the forest.  A small drizzle begins to fall. (Players 6 successes! / GM 2 Successes.  The Current disposition is now 5/3.)   Saxon finds a good shortcut through a shallow stream where a few trees had fallen.  The bought the mice a good half-day of time.  In the meantime, the drizzle stops and there is even some sunlight during the afternoon.

(-----------Third action-----------)

(Oops, I forgot that doubles in a MR means a random event.  That tied in with the extreme failure of a 96% roll means something happened.  Let’s see what…. Event Focus 03 = Remote Event.  Action 20 = Truce.  Subject 68 = Rumor)

Well, surprisingly, the grain peddler had been headed home but decided that he should show his true intent to no longer help the rebellion brewing in Blackrock, he returns to help the mice with the grain cart.  He also realizes it’s his grain cart and, well, he’d like it back.  At that point, the three mice together manage to push the cart together to Blackrock just before the first snowfalls begin.

Player’s turn

At this point, the mice probably want to find out who was going to buy the map.  However, it’s bedtime.  I give up!

January 8, 2012

1P 012 - Mythic RPG

Happy New Year!  Episode 12 of the 1 Player podcast is finally available.  In this episode I briefly discuss playing RPGs solo and go into detail about the Mythic RPG ruleset which can be used with any other RPG system to play adventures without a GM or stand-alone to create a home brew adventure, in any genre you can imagine, just using the Mythic rules.

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