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A podcast dedicated to solitaire board gaming.

September 8, 2017

1P 135 - Nemo’s War

Having survived the great darkening of the sun, Albert and Julius return to delve into the deepest reaches of our oceans. In this episode, after a breif chat of our solar eclipse experiences, Albert and Julius review the solitaire game Nemo's War (second edition). Albert also interviews David Thompson, the designer of Pavlov's House and a number of other designs. Join us as we chat about puppies, boats, and suns.


Show notes:

  • Eclipse chat (00:30)
  • Okey Dokey (03:28)
  • Interview with David Thompson, designer of Pavlov’s House (08:30)
  • Nemo’s War (48:58)
August 10, 2017

1P 133 - Raxxon

Gencon is right around the corner, so Albert and Julius are excited to talk about some of the games they are looking forward to hearing more about. Sadly, although GenCant is happening this year, GenCant SoloCon didn't get arranged for this year. Regardless, Albert and Julius take a brief run through their wishlists from Gencon releases, and talk about a few other games on Kickstarter. After the rush of con games is over, they review Raxxon, the cooperative evacuation card game from PlaidHat Games. As an aside, due to Raxxon's "interesting" distribution model, if you are looking to get your hands on a copy, check the 1 Player Guild forums for a thread with invite codes.

(Also, sorry that Albert's microphone was messing up during recording. It gets better if you skip to later portions.)

Show notes:

  • News:

    • Finished (by Friedemann Friese) (01:36)
    • Heroes Wanted expansion (03:35)
    • Flash Point: Fire Rescue expansion (05:33)
  • GenCon wishlists (11:49)
  • Raxxon review (26:32)
July 24, 2017

1P 132 - Arkham Horror: LCG

This is a big episode folks!  This time around Julius and Albert invited anybody that wanted to participate to come on the show and chat.  We were joined by BGG user SSGMightyMouse.  We spent a lot of time talking about just about every aspect of new new-ish Arkham Horror LCG.  We also have some news and a discussion of LCG versus "regular" games, in terms of cost.

This is a big big show.


01:45 Escape Room style games

08:20 Publishing solo games for fun or profit

15:25 Founders of Gloomhaven (BGG, KS)

20:55 Star Realms: Frontiers (BGG, KS)

23:25 Quill: Shadow and Ink (RPGG, DriveThruRPG)

27:20 LCG versus traditional games

42:15 Arkham Horror LCG (BGG)


July 11, 2017

1P 131 - Big Book of Madness

Albert and Julius celebrate July 4 with a rousing discussion of board games. We preview the upcoming game Renegade, chat about the recent release of the Friday app, and a few other board games.

We also announce our upcoming live event: The Big Arkham Chat. On July 16 at 8 pm (central), we will be recording our episode talking about Arkham Horror the card game and a discussion of living card games and subscription games versus standard distribution methods. And we are inviting all listeners to participate as guest co-hosts. If you want to participate by voice, contact us in advance. If you want to participate by text during the live recording, just come to our Discord channel on July 16 at 8 pm (central). Our Discord channel is at: https://discord.gg/Yj2WqFM

Finally, Julius presents our review and discussion of Big Book of Madness, a cooperative deck building game where you play as student wizards attempting to close the aforementioned book without being driven insane. Listen for our full review and let us know your thoughts on the forums and on Discord.

Thanks to all our patrons on Patreon for supporting our podcast. Find us at patreon.com/1playerpodcast.


  • Recent games

    • Renegade
    • Sabetuor duel
    • Friday app
    • D12 Solo Rules
    • La Granja
  • Live Podcast: Arkham Horror Card Game
  • Winner of the 1 Player Guild Game challenge
  • Review of Big Book of Madness
June 26, 2017

1P 130 - Nautilion & Flatline

Yet another double-header episode.  This time Julius and Albert talk about Nautilion AND Flatline, a sequel to Fuse.  First though, we go over a bit of news, mostly about Morten and Automas.  Then we also talk about KS games.

Finally, Albert and Julius discuss the latest Shadi Torbey game, Nautilion and then Julius teaches Albert Flatline.

  • 01:40 - Asmodee in the news, again
  • 02:55 - Automas (Scythe: The Wind Gambit, Charterstone, Gaia)
  • 06:30 - Automa (Near and Far variant) (BGG)
  • 07:55 - Who's Gary: 1 Player Guild Game (BGG)
  • Kickstarter
  • 09:15 - Triplock (BGG, KS)
  • 10:55 - Oaxaca (BGG, KS)
  • 12:30 - Helionox Deluxe (BGG, KS)
  • 14:55 - Epic AF (BGG, KS not availabe at time of publishing)
  • Feature games
  • 18:35 - Nautilion (BGG)
  • 39:50 - Flatline (BGG)
June 14, 2017

1P 129 - Sagrada

Having pulled through another bought of thunderstorms and power losses, Albert and Julius return with another information packed episode, along with Albert spending a lot of time lecturing Julius about the history behind the game Sagrada. 

Julius and Albert take some time off gaming to discuss the hobby, and specifically the publishing industry of board games. They talk about Asmodee's latest distributor deals, acquisitions of Rory's Story Cubes, and minimum pricing requirements. Oh, and Albert really likes Rory's Story Cubes and wants to play a new RPG based on the cubes.

Albert also has done some research on the history behind Sagrada and the architecture leading to the stained glass windows that are the subject of the game Sagrada. After regaling us with tales of old times, Albert and Julius talk about the game itself and share their reviews and opinions on all aspects of the game.

Extended show notes:

  • Recent plays:

    • 1 Deck Dungeon (01:45)
  • News
    • Article on AIs for Solo Games (link) (03:48)
    • Asmode Distributor Deal (04:43)
    • Asmode Purchase of Rory's Story Cubes (10:21)
  • Sagrada (15:45)
    • History (15:50)
    • Review (32:20)


May 29, 2017

1P 128 - Dresden Files Co-op Card Game

Albert & Julius are back to their old habits with an 80 minute long show.  We've packed full-o-stuff.  We quickly celebrate the podcast's 6th anniversary and SGoYT's 4th anniversary.  It wasn't mentioned, but May is Solitaire Gaming Month.  At the time of this posting, you still have 2 days left to enjoy it!

Albert has a good time talking to the designers of 12 Reals Dungeonland, Nick Niotis & Panos Tryposkoufis.  The reboot should be on KS very soon (June 1st).  The game sounds fun and has Chicken Warriors!!

Finally, Julius talks about the Dresden Files Coop Card Game.  It's a neat game on a book series he loves.  Warning:  Avoid the tv show.


  • 04:45 - Game apps

    • Onirim (BGG)
    • Star Realms (BGG)
  • 06:50 - Patreon
  • 07:20 - Manhattan Project 2 & dice game contest (BGG, KS, Contest)
  • 09:30 - 12 Realms: Dungeonland Interview (BGG, KS)
  • 33:40 - Listenner Feedback
  • 42:10 - Dresden Files Co-operative Card Game (BGG)
May 16, 2017

1P 127 - Spirits of the Rice Paddy

Welcome to episode 127 of the 1 Player Podcast. Join us for a run through of a few games Albert is looking forward to, including multiple games from publisher White Dog Games. Meanwhile, Julius talks about his anticipation for Renegade, an upcoming game designed by Ricky Wilkins of Box of Delights. After running through the awards for Solo Gaming awards, Julius climbs on another soapbox to talk about important design considerations when creating a solo variant for a competitive game. Finally, Julius reviews Spirits of the Rice Paddy, a farming simulator centered around managing water flow to grow rice.

Thank you again to our Patreon supporters. Find us at https://www.patreon.com/1PlayerPodcast to support us

Join us on our Discord channel to talk about this and upcoming podcasts: https://discord.gg/Yj2WqFM

Full show notes:

  • Anticpated games:

  • Solo Gaming Awards (09:49)
  • Solo Variant Design Discussion (22:25)
    • Solo variant for Trickerion: To be released soon, join our Discord for updated information
  • Spirits of the Rice Paddy review (36:56)
May 1, 2017

1P 126 - Comancheria

Welcome to episode 126 of the 1 Player podcast.  In this episode we talk a bit abou a few games we've been playing and look at some digital as well as upcoming games.  Albert talks a bit about Tableop day (which already hapened) and Julius gets on his soapbox about managing expectations.

Of course, we thank our lovely Patreon backers and finally talkk about te episode's feature game.  Albert spent some time playing Comancheria, the game on a history of he Comanche people of the american soutwest.  The game was designed by Joel Toppen (listen to episode #50 for an interview with Joel Toppen and  review of Navajo Wars).

  • 02:00 Sagrada (BGG)
  • 02:17 Gloomhaven (BGG, KS)
  • 04:10 Inernaional Tabletop Day
  • 07:35 Patreon
  • 08:16 Unbroken calls for playtesters (BGG)
  • 09:48 Card Thief digital game (Android, Apple)
  • 12:26 Clans of Caledonia (BGG, KS)
  • 15:50 Petrichor (BGG, KS)
  • 19:45 Rise to Nobility (BGG, KS)
  • 20:50 Julius is on a soapbox
  • 33:20 Comancheria (BGG)
April 17, 2017

1P 125 - V-Commandos

Welcome back to episode 125 of the 1 Player Podcast. Julius starts out with a discussion of his encounters with local armed robbery, and then explains more details about our new Discord chat.
With the release of the new Onirim app, we've also started playing too many games of Onirim on our respective devices, so we cover this app's release.
Julius also briefly talks about the solo mode in Gloomhaven (noting that the solo scenarios are not indicative of a full solo mode in the game).
Albert also talks about the new Isle of Dr. Necroix game on Kickstarter (and Julius will nag a full review out of him).

Julius also present V-Commandos, a stealth based cooperative game set in SS controlled Germany. Julius goes through the gameplay, nitpicks some, and comes out with a final conclusion. Albert just argues that it should be considered a war game (which it shouldn't).

Join us on Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/Yj2WqFM
Become a Patron on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/1PlayerPodcast

Show notes:
- Armed robbery (00:01)
- Patreon backer thanks (00:04)
- Onirim app release (00:08)
- Gloomhaven (00:11)
- Isle of Dr. Necroix (00:13)
Game review: V-Commandos (00:16)
- Addendum for Villages of Valeria (00:16)

April 3, 2017

1P 124 - A Tale of Two Valerias

Hello listenners!  That's right.. this episode we cover two Valeria games..  Quests of Valeria & Villages of Valeria.  Julius played both games and gives his impression on these games.  Also we talk about other stuff we played and welcome our first Patreon backers.


Discord server invite link is here!


03:00 Patreon backer welcome

05:10 Comancheria

06:25 Nautilion

07:30 A Week in the Life of a Level 1 Slime

09:45 Gloomhaven

12:35 Island of Dr. Necreaux (KS)

14:00 Aeon's End: War Eternal (KS)

22:25 Terra Mystica: Gaia Project

23:50 Constantinople

29:00 Valeria

  29:55 Villages of Valeria

  43:50 Quests of Valeria

March 20, 2017

1P 123 - Aeon’s End

Welcome to the 1 Player Podcast version 2.0. Albert drives through the BGG awards for best games of 2016, focusing on the games that are solitaire friendly (including co-ops, wargames, and print and plays). Let us know if the BGG awards are something you feel make a strong influence (like Albert) or are more of an overrated popularity contest (like Julius) or somewhere in between.
Then, Julius takes a more thorough look at the results of our Audience Participation Poll and announce a number of changes we are making to the format of the show in response to the survey results (including fixing the show at 60 minutes, segmenting our reviews, removing Whats It Missing, and many other changes). If you think we've gone too far or can make other changes, please let us know, especially if there are any topics or segments you would recommend we cover in the future.
We also announce our brand new Patreon! More details in the show, but we are opening up a Patreon to help us increase the depth of coverage on the show and other benefits.
After all that, Julius and Albert review Aeon's End, a deckbuilding game set in a magic using dystopian realm. We employ our new methods of game review, including our overall likes and dislikes.


Support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/1PlayerPodcast


BGG Awards (00:01)
Audience Participation Poll (00:09)
Aeon's End review (00:32)
Contest Winner (01:04)

March 5, 2017

1P 122 - Conquest of Paradise

Welcome to episode #122.  In this episode Albert relives the Year of Warames (2016).  He does that by talking about Conquest of Paradise a game of exploration, discovery and conquest in ancient ppolyponesia.  Also, we ramble on about stuff, including more games.


  • 00:32  Rambilng intro
  •   03:53 Podcast survey
  •   05:03 Stuff in general
  •   05:18 Game night for Julius
  •   08:03 Waiting for Games
  •   09:08 Onirim digital edition (BGG)
  •   11:34 Nautilion (BGG)
  •   13:04 Disaster in the Himalayas (BGG)
  •   13:43 Aeon's End (BGG)
  •   14:58 Island of Dr. Nereaux, 2nd edition (BGG)
  •   16:54 Qodd Heroes (BGG)
  • 20:02 Conquest of Paradise (BGG)
  •   56:15 What's it Missing
February 27, 2017

1P PSA - Audience Participation Poll

Listeners, thank you for subscribing. We are trying to get some feedback on the 1 Player Podcast. Julius and Albert take a small detour from our normal format to post up a podcast audience participation survey. We would really appreciate upir feedback and particpation. (And we're even giving away a gift certifiate to Miniature Market for survey respondents. )

Link to the Poll: https://boardgamegeek.com/article/25195624#25195624

February 21, 2017

1p 121 - Odin Games (A Feast For Odin)

Julius and Albert return from adventures in Norse mythology to talk about a highly thematic game. Well, they talk about A Feast For Odin, at least, and spend some time talking with Chris about Odin Quest. The mere mention of highly thematic games leads Albert down the dungeon hole of Card Rogue. And Albert and Julius talk about starting an audience participation survey (with more information on this topic to return next time).


Show notes:

  • Banter (00:00)

    • Mythologies (00:01)
    • Card Rogue (00:05)
    • Audience participation (00:07)
    • Pillars of Eternity: Lords of the Eastern Reach (00:15)
  • PnP Patrol: Odin Quest (00:17)
  • A Feast For Odin (00:49)
  • What's it Missing (01:38)

(Apologies for some of the skipping. Julius's computer did not process the recording correctly, which caused some skipping while recording.)