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A podcast dedicated to solitaire board gaming.

May 14, 2022

1P 255 - Popular Mechanics: Worker Placement

This week Julius and I discuss worker placement games.  Drat, I forgot to write down the games we talked about in order.  I'll have to do that later on when I listen to the episode once it comes out.  If you want an exact, clickable list and you don't see it in the notes in your podcast player, visit 1PlayerPodcast.com and view the episode notes there.




  • 04:20 Agricola (BGG)
  • 05:15 Feast for Odin (BGG)
  • 05:55 Nusfjord (BGG)
  • 07:10 Parks (BGG)
  • 09:20 Caverna Cave vs. Cave (BGG)
  • 10:00 Coldwater Crown (BGG)
  • 12:40 Paladins of the West Kingdom (BGG)
  • 16:40 Steam (BGG)
  • 23:10 Kitchen Rush (BGG)
  • A few games where mentioned in passing
    • Harbour (BGG)
    • Kanban EV (BGG)
    • Lost Ruins of Arnak (BGG)
    • Maquis (BGG)
    • Robinson Crusoe (BGG)
    • Manhattan Project: Energy Empire (BGG)
  • 27:40 Far Space Foundry (BGG)
October 2, 2021

1P 224 - Coldwater Crown

This week I teach Julius about the game Coldwater Crown.  This is a game in which you are competing in a fishing tournament to get the most trophy points.  Like a modern dance competition, there are trophies available for just about anything you do.  Come hear what someone that doesn't like fishing think about this game.


August 21, 2021

1P 219 - Groves

This week I tell Julius about the bag building, worker placement game Groves.  It's an interesting little game with just fantastic art by an independent publisher, Letiman Games.  Check it out.  There's stuff to like and stuff not to like about this game.  Oh drat, I just realized this is out of print.