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A podcast dedicated to solitaire board gaming.

August 7, 2021

1P 217 - Raxxon comes back to the table

This episode is a revisit to the zombie avoiding game Raxxon.  This game was originally published by Plaid Hat games and is now owned by the large corporate Asmodee.  In this prequal to Dead of Winter, a large corporation has been turning people into zombies.  Your goal is to get as many all healthy people out of the city as the zombie population grows.  Fortunately it's a small city with only 30 healthy people and 30 zombies.

This is an interesting game of manipulating cards on a tableau to remove the healthy characters.  The act of doing this means that over time you have more unhealthy cards in the tableau and that just makes the game harder and harder.  It's interesting and it's really hard (for me) but if played well (like Julius) you can actually win!

Anyway, check out this older game.  It's worth revisiting.