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A podcast dedicated to solitaire board gaming.

Kickstarter Report

March 8, 2015

The 1 Player Podcast is proud to present this 1 Player Kickstarter Report:

We will be updating this page weekly to include all crowdfunding campaigns ending soon that are are have a solo mode or solo option.
This information is duplicated on this forum post on the 1 Player Guild on BGG, but the forum post does not include direct links to Kickstarter.

And now, for the Report:

A co-operative train robbery board game for 2 to 4 players that plays in 45-60 minutes. Players work together to rob a speeding train!
Can play single player, controlling multiple characters. Includes special pieces to help manage multiple characters.
Not yet funded.
$36 pledge includes the game.
Funding ends Apr 14 2015.

The Lord of the Ice Garden (KS link)

Dominate battles of magic and influence in this game of worker placement, area control, variable powers and asymmetric win conditions.
2nd Edition
Includes minis.
Already funded
$75 pledge includes the game.
Funding ends Apr 6 2015.
A battle of linguistic dexterity where players assemble words to expand their deck of letter cards.
Supports 1 - 5 players (or up to 8 with a second deck)
Part of the EGG series
Already funded.
$12 pledge include the game
Funding ends Apr 9 2015.

Cosmic Run (KS link)

A fast and furious space race for 1-4 players from the designer of Biblios. 
Can be played competitively or cooperatively.
$28 pledge includes the game.
Funding ends Apr 13 2015.

Wizard's Academy (KS link)

A cooperative game of magical experimentation with different powers every game.
Featuring 40 minis and 30 illustrations by top artists.
Cooperative game supporting solo play controlling multiple characters
$50 pledge includes the game
Funding ends Apr 17 2015.

Posthuman (KS link)

You are one of the last humans on earth, trying to reach a rumored fortress. Will you survive, or evolve?
Listed as 1 - 4 players
Already funded
$53 pledge includes the game
Funding ends Apr 24 2015

Cave Pilot 55 (KS link)

Players race their sophisticated technological bat-planes through a gauntlet cave in a thrilling board/card game
Includes solo mode.
$47 pledge include the game.
Funding ends Apr 29 2015

Orcs Must Die (KS link)

You are challenged to protect your stranglehold beseiged by orcs. 
1-4 player cooperative game.
Already funded
$90 pledge includes the game (and a digital version)
Funding ends May 1 2015

Haiku Warrior (KS link)

It's an easy-to-learn Tabletop RPG told entirely through Haiku.
From the creator of Drinking Quest.
Supports solo play (cards act as the GM)
$20 pledge includes the game
Funding ends May 7 2015

Valkyrie - The Next Step in Warfare (KS link)

The year is 2050 and Valkyries stride into battle with modern military vehicles!
Includes minatures
Includes a solo mode (and a cooperative mode)
$100 pledge includes the game
Funding ends May 7 2015

Know of a campaign that isn't listed here? Want to make sure that your campaign gets mentioned by the 1 Player Podcast? Know of an upcoming campaign that will include a solo mode? Please contact Julius [at] 1PlayerPodcast.com and let me know.
And if this 1 Player Podcast Kickstarter Report helps you to learn about a new game, please free to mention the 1 Player Guild and the 1 Player Podcast to the Kickstarter creator. Let them know that we have a strong solo community over here.