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A podcast dedicated to solitaire board gaming.

November 28, 2020

1P 183 - Suburbia

In this episode Julius and I get Suburbia back to the table.  This game was first covered by Julius way back in episode 95.  That was way back in January of 2016.. wow!  Well, I have now finally played the game though I've had a copy sitting around for a couple of years.  Find out what we think about the game and how it's held up for Julius over the years.

Before we do that though, I am going to super-quickly talk about another 18 card microgame, Scott Alme's Food Chain Island.

  • Food Chain Island (BGG)
  • Suburbia (BGG)
November 21, 2020

1P 182 - 18 Card Microgames

Julius and I spend some time taking a tour of the world of the 18 Card Microgame.  This neat little sub-genre is full of all sorts of neat little games.  These games are usually quick playing and often very creative.

I went looking for references to 18 card microgrames for solo play but didn't find anything specific.  Time to go make a geeklist...

Solo Playable 18 Card Microgames



November 14, 2020

1P 181 - Proving Grounds

Episode 181!  This time we talk about Proofing Grounds... the game of editorial combat.  I wish... that would be cool!  This is Proving Grounds.. the game of gladiatorial combat!  This is a game designed for exactly 1 player.  Julius give us a detailed run-down and the game sure sounds interesting!

November 7, 2020

1P 180 - Oh MyGoods!

We are finally talking about this game that has been.  It's been out for like 5 years waiting, just waiting for me to play and talk about it.  Julius finally pushed me to do it and I've had a great time with it.  Come here what we think about this game.  I'll give you a spoiler.. it's fun but hard.  Wait, did I just give it away?


Oh My Goods! (BGG, Lookout Games)

Oh My Goods! Longsdale in Revolt (BGG, Lookout Games)

Oh My Goods! Escape to Canyon Brook (BGG, Lookout Games)

Tybor the Builder (BGG, Lookout Games)

Expedition to Newdale (BGG, Lookout Games)