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A podcast dedicated to solitaire board gaming.

1P 180 - Oh MyGoods!

November 7, 2020

We are finally talking about this game that has been.  It's been out for like 5 years waiting, just waiting for me to play and talk about it.  Julius finally pushed me to do it and I've had a great time with it.  Come here what we think about this game.  I'll give you a spoiler.. it's fun but hard.  Wait, did I just give it away?


Oh My Goods! (BGG, Lookout Games)

Oh My Goods! Longsdale in Revolt (BGG, Lookout Games)

Oh My Goods! Escape to Canyon Brook (BGG, Lookout Games)

Tybor the Builder (BGG, Lookout Games)

Expedition to Newdale (BGG, Lookout Games)