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A podcast dedicated to solitaire board gaming.

April 23, 2022

1P 252 - Arkham Horror: Final Hour

Don't be alarmed - this is not the final hour of this podcast!  Actually, we are talking about a game called Arkham Horror: Final Hour from Fantasy Flight Games.  It being an Arkham Horror game, you can pretty much guess what this game is about and like.  If you do, you'll be half right and half wrong.  Thematically, this is pretty much the same game as Arkham Horror or Arkham Horror: The Card Game.  You are running around fighting monsters and cultists while trying to stop some GOO from showing up.  Mechanically speaking, however, you will be surprised.  This game feels and plays very differently from other Arkham Horror games.

  • Arkham Horror: Final Hour (BGG, FFG)
April 2, 2022

1P 249 - Final Girl

This week we talk about the slasher film game Final Girl by A.J. Porfirio of Van Ryder Games.  This game is built on the foundation of Hostage Negotiator and expands on that system to make a fun but creepy game about trying to survive in a horror movie while a killer is after you.


This is a modular game series in which you need to buy at least two boxes to play, the core box with rules and a Feature Film box with a killer and location to play in.  With multiple Feature Films, you can mix and match killers for more variety in your games.


May 19, 2018

1P 149 - Arkham Horror: The Path to Carcosa

Do you like Arkham Horror the card game? Do you continue to purchase the new expansions as they come out? Well, Julius does. Albert doesn't, so we are leaving him behind as Julius and guest co-host Tyler Moore review over the entire Path to Carcosa cycle for Arkham Horror the card game. Join us for a full review of each scenario across the cycle.

March 3, 2018

1P 145 - Unicornus Knights

Hi folks, in this episode Julius and Albert go over some news and a rant or two, then we talk about the "Big In Japan" game from AEG, Unicornus Knights.


  • 01:17 News (Portal Games)
  • 01:34   Detective: A Modern Crime Boardgame (BGG)
  • 02:32   Imperial Settlers: Amazons (BGG)
  • 03:29   Imperial Settlers: We Didn't Start the Fire (BGG)
  • 04:03   Robinson Crusoe: Mystery Tales (BGG)
  • 06:06 Rant! Flash Point
  • 12:00 Kickstarter
  • 12:11   Rant: The Reckoners (BGG, KS)
  • 16:05   Edge of Darkness (BGG, KS)
  • 18:54   Nights of Fire: Battle For Budapest (BGG, KS)
  • 22;20   Space Park (BGG, KS)
  • 24:02 Unicornus Knights (BGG)
October 16, 2017

1P 137 - Mechs vs Minions

In this episode Albert & Julius talk a bit about a few games and then dig into Mechs vs Minions, a co-op dungeon crawl pubished, by of all things, a video game company.


01:46 - St. Louis Game Design Day

05:38  -  Subatomic (BGG)

06:53  -  Subterranian Cities (BGG)

10:36 - Escape the Room: Mystery at the Stargazer's Manor (BGG)

14:37 - Hostage Negotiator (BGG) around the world (geeklist)

15:43 - Triplock (BGG)

16:32 - Fire of Eidolon (BGG)

17:11 - B-17 Flying Fortress Leader (BGG)

18:11 - Playthrough feedback

22:00 - 1 Player Guild challenge coin

26:35 - Mechs vs Minions (BGG)


December 11, 2016

1P 115 - Wizard’s Academy

Welcome to the hundred and fifteenth episode of the podcast.  This time around we talk about what we have been playing lately and then look at Wizard's Academy.


3:10 what we've been playing

3:14 Elder Sign

4:15 Castle Panic: Engines of War

4:30 Pandemic: The Cure - Expermintal Meds

9:08 Sans Allies

9:52 Star Wars: Destiny (not solo)

10:20 Sentinels of the Multiverse

12:05 Project Dreamscape

12:38 Centauri Saga

14:05 Arkham Horror: LCG

19:39 Haze Islands

20:18 Vast: The Crystal Caverns

Featured game

32:00 Wizards Academy

1:12:00 What's it missing?

August 31, 2016

1P 108 - Warhammer Quest: Adventure Card Game

Welcome back from GenCant. Albert and Julius return to talk about some new games, Gencon announcements, and a contest. We also review Warhammer Quest: the Adventure Card Game, a campaign card game. As a bonus review, Julius talks about Manhattan Project: Chain Reaction, a filler and solo-friendly game.

00:00 - Gencon and general chat
00:18 - Print-and-Play Patrol
00:35 - Recent Games and a Giveaway
00:39 - Review of Warhammer Quest Adventure Card Game
01:16 - Review of Manhattan Project: Chain Reaction
01:35 - The Great Debate: What's It Missing?
July 19, 2016

1P 106 - Castle Panic

Albert and Julius (who arrived a bit late) are joined by Mikolaj, designer of a Hostage Negotiator expansion and long time listener. Everyone talks about Mikolaj’s gaming history, some kickstarter games, and all about Castle Panic and its expansions and rethemes. And there’s a contest at the end.

Show notes:


  • News (00:02)

    • 1 Player Guild grows in membership
    • Spiel predictions (00:03)
  • About Mikolaj and upcoming Hostage Negotiator expansions (00:05)
  • Kickstarter (00:40)
    • Crisis (00:41)
    • Hero: Prepare your champion (00:48)
    • Dungeon Time (00:52)
    • Darkness Sabotage (00:57)
  • Castle Panic Review (01:01)
  • What’s It Missing (01:38)
  • Contest: Maquis for iOS and Android release (01:44)
February 23, 2016

1P 097 - Bottom of the 9th & Baseball Highlights 2045

Another long episode.  This one features singing, comedy routines and baseball!  It's late so let's just list the links.

January 12, 2016

1P 094 - Hostage Negotiator & Dice City

Welcome to 2016! Albert and Julius start off the year with a bang, talking about Hostage Negotiator, which involves minimal bombs and explosions. We then start building a city of dice with a chat about Dice City. Oh, and there's the normal news and mini reviews.

December 16, 2015

1P 092 - Nemo’s War (2nd Edition) and the Top 100 Games

In this episode, Albert interviews Alan Emrich about Victory Point Games and his upcoming kickstarter release game, Nemo's War 2nd Edition. Albert and Julius then discuss the People's Choice Top 100 Solo Games, discussing straight from 100 through grand number 1.

- Nemo's War 2nd Edition (BGG)
- Top 100 Solo Games (BGG)
November 19, 2015

1P 090 - Cards of Cthulhu

We receive an unexpected phone call from an old friend this week. Join Albert and Julius as we discuss the theme of Cthulhu in gaming. We also review Cards of Cthulhu as an example of a Lovecraft-themed game,

October 19, 2015

1P 088 - Red November and puzzle games

Albert's not well this week, so Julius and his brother Yitzchak as a guest host are here to chat. They talk about some news, excitement about Essen, and a few popular kickstarters. Since both of them have recently been playing Red November, an older coop game with drunken gnomes! Then, they discuss playing puzzles and some of their favorite puzzle games.

August 5, 2015

GenCantSoloCon Recap and Prizes

Julius meets up with Travis of the Low Player Count podcast to discuss our thoughts on the recent #GenCantSoloCon. We talk about what was played and how great the turn-out was. Thank you to all who attended.

Oh, and we announce the prizes, too!
July 3, 2015

1P 083 - The PnP Empressario and Dead Men Tell No Tales

Albert's on vacation, but Julius is joined by a special co-host, Chris Hansen, the Empressario of Print and Play. We talk about some new games and kickstarter projects, chat with the designer of Dark Dealings (currently on kickstarter), and review Quest Awakening of Melior. Then, we review Dead Men Tell No Tales, a coop pirate game, and talk about what is the most important part of a successful print-and-play game.

This episode was delayed, with Albert away and Julius very busy until the end of the month. We will return to our normal bi-weekly schedule soon.