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A podcast dedicated to solitaire board gaming.

November 2, 2014

1P 067 - Sentinels of the Multiverse

This super episode is on a super game called Sentinels of the Multiverse.  This is a super-hero card game designed for 3-5 players that is very fun solo.  The expansions add an incredible amount of replayability to a game that brings a lot of replayability in the box.  Add to that the opportunity for monthly challenges at the 1 Player Guild and this game is virtually guaranteed fun!

I also look at thematic games and pick my "top 7" thematic games.
April 13, 2014

1P 056 - Magic the Gathering Challenge Decks

I hate retyping stuff, but here goes...

This episode I look at solitaire friendly CCGs.  In particular, I look at Magic: The Gathering which now has 2 challenge decks available and a 3rd on the way.
December 8, 2013

1P 049 - Dawn of the Zeds

Once again it's braiiins time here on the 1 Player podcast. This time, we look at Victory Point Games take on the theme with the States of Siege, Dawn of the Zeds, designed by Hermann Luttmann.  This is one of the biggest most complex States of Siege game so far.  You get tons of options and variety and decisions to make all with fantastic graphic design.

I also go over the typical news, a donation option on the webpage, the many winners of the 2013 Solitaire Print & Play design contest.  I also cover the November hot games, courtesy of SGoyT geeklist (Solitaire Games on your Table).

November 12, 2013

1P 048 - Dungeon Heroes

I am in the midst of moving this week.  I don't have much time for a show but this one is surprisingly long.  I talk to Todd R from French Toast Games about Spell Saga.  This is a Tabletop Novel he has on Kickstarter right now.  That's a narrative told in the form of a card game.  I also look at Dungeon Heroes by Michael Coe of Gamelyn Games.  Dungeon Heroes is a neat little dungeon crawler that can be played solo in about 10 or 15 minutes.

I hope the audio works this time.

Spell Saga on Kickstarter
August 18, 2013

1P 044 - Silverton

All aboard! This episode I attempt to look at solo friendly train games.  I don't get very in depth into that but I do reminisce about old video games.  I go into more detail about Silverton.  It's a game I really like because of the history and gameplay.

June 16, 2013

1P 040 - Barbarian Prince

Episode 40 is here!  In this episode I talk a lot about print & play games.  I go into tools, supplies and even a bit about technique.  Then, I review a game which was originally a commercial game but is now available as PnP.

May 28, 2013

1P 039 - Disaster on K2

In this game I look at mountain climbing.  There are two games on the subject and I review the smaller sized one... Disaster on K2 by Tom Decker.  As may is a crazy month, this is about all I look at.  I do, however, give a brief "explanation" of the event that set the theme behind this game in which 11 climbers died on K2 in a single day.

May 12, 2013

1P 038 - AstroNavis Merchant Advanced

This episode covers a neat little Print and Play game on transporting goods across the galaxy. The game is AstroNavis Merchant Advanced. You take on the role of a trader whose just taken a loan out on a ship and has 3 months left to repay it. Your going to need to haul quite a few loads in those 3 months.

I also give a quick recap of Solitaire Gaming Month and my recent solitairish activities which mainly amount to thrifting a few games.

April 28, 2013

1P 037 - Rune Age

This long overdue episode is finally out. In this show, I look at Rune Age, the deck-building game by Corey Konieczka and published by Fantasy Flight Games in 2011. This is a fantasy themed deck-building game set in the world of Terrinoth which is also the setting for Rune bound, DungeonQuest, Descent, and Rune Wars. All of which, except for the last 2, support solitaire play. I also introduce solitaire gaming month... May!

March 16, 2013

1P 035 - Dungeon Crawler

I'm really excited by this episode. I've been wanting to talk about dungeon crawlers for the longest time. Not only that, but I even review a game appropriately named Dungeon Crawler. This is a ECG (expandable card game) in which to take a team of characters into a dungeon. I also give a broad general look at dungeon crawling. Oh, make sure to pay attention to the small contest.

Note that one game I mentioned in the news, Once Upon a Fable, no longer seems to exist on Kickstarter. Sorry about that.

February 3, 2013

1P 032 - If I’m Going Down…

Another megasode is here!  This episode is all about Van Ryder Games and If I'm Going Down.... If I'm Going Down is a zombie survival game which you won't get to survive. We also talk about the playtesting of Hostage Negotiator.

October 14, 2012

1P 026 - The Isle of Doctor Necreaux

Today's show is on The Isle of Doctor Necreaux. It's a small cooperative game for 1-5 players with a fun theme. I also go over some of the solo-friendly games at Essen this year.

The Isle of Doctor Necreaux on BGG. The Essen Spiel 2012 Preview geeklist on BGG.

Storm the Castle on Kickstarter. Relentless: The Search for Glory on Kickstarter.

Trail of Ithaqua announcement on FFG. The Steward's Fear expansion for Lord of the Rings LCG announcement. Don Quijote app on Google Play.

September 26, 2012

1P 025 - Last Frontier: The Vesuvius Incident

In this latest episode, I review Last Frontier: The Vesuvius Incident. This is a neat game about sending space marines into a ship invested with hostile aliens. Unfortunately, the ship is falling into a planets atmosphere. Your time is limited. The goal is to get into the ship and save as many crew as possible, or at least account for the dead crew. It's a bit gruesome but fun.

The game is currently on KS, if it sounds interesting check it out before the campaign ends.

I also resolve the Pocast Contest #2

Last Fronter: The Vesuvius Incident on Board Game Geek and on Kickstarter.

July 21, 2012

1P 022 - Flash Point: Fire Rescue

In this episode, I review Flash Point: Fire Rescue, published by Indie Board & Cards. I've really enjoyed playing this game. I also do an unboxing of D-Day Dice which I received the other day. Oh yeah, and I ramble about the goal of gaming.

Flash Point: Fire Rescue on BGG.

Flash Point: 2nd Story on Kickstarter.

D-Day Dice on BGG.

The Battle of Red Cliffs on Kickstarter.

June 16, 2012

1P 020 - Nemo’s War

This latest show is all about Victory Point Games and it's a big one!  First off I give a brief overview of the company's origins and then get into a look at the States of Siege game series. Then, there is an interview with Tom Decker who has designed a number of solitaire friendly games published by VPG. Finally, I look at Nemo's War by Chris Taylor.

Victory Point Games' website.

Nemo's War on BGG.

Tom Decker on BGG.

States of Siege on BGG.