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A podcast dedicated to solitaire board gaming.

1P 211 - Flashback: Fire Rescue - a look at expansions

June 19, 2021

Hot off the heels of the anniversary shows, Julius and I take a look at an older game. The game is Flash Point: Fire Rescue and it has a half dozen or so expansions.  Julius has played this a lot and I've dabbled in it every once in a while.  Listen in and see how we feel about these expansions.


  • Flash Point: Fire Rescue (BGG)

    • Fire Academy Challenge (BGG)
    • Urban Structures (BGG)
    • 2nd Story (BGG)
    • Veteran and Rescue Dog (BGG)
    • Extreme Danger (BGG)
    • Dangerous Waters (BGG)
    • Honor & Duty (BGG)
    • Tragic Events (BGG)