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A podcast dedicated to solitaire board gaming.

1P 246 - Bismarck Solitaire

March 12, 2022

This week Julius and I have a quick chat about Bismarck Solitaire, a book game published by Worthington Games in an effort to quickly and efficiently deal with the global shipping crisis created by the pandemic.  It's a light wargame in which you play as the famous German warship, the Bismarck and travel the Atlantic Ocean (not the English Channel & North Sea as I thought during the recording) trying to find British Warships and sink them.  The fact that I wasn't sure what body of water you are can in give you an idea how light the game is.  Well, sail the ocean and find enemies to sink while you plot a coarse on the map.  What is really different about this game is that you actually are writing in the book as you play.


According to a BGG thread, these are announced but not yet released

  • Braveheart Solitaire
  • Gettysburg July 1 and 2 Solitaire
  • Antietam Solitaire
  • Coral Sea Solitaire
  • Stonewall in the Valley Solitaire