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A podcast dedicated to solitaire board gaming.

April 3, 2017

1P 124 - A Tale of Two Valerias

Hello listenners!  That's right.. this episode we cover two Valeria games..  Quests of Valeria & Villages of Valeria.  Julius played both games and gives his impression on these games.  Also we talk about other stuff we played and welcome our first Patreon backers.


Discord server invite link is here!


03:00 Patreon backer welcome

05:10 Comancheria

06:25 Nautilion

07:30 A Week in the Life of a Level 1 Slime

09:45 Gloomhaven

12:35 Island of Dr. Necreaux (KS)

14:00 Aeon's End: War Eternal (KS)

22:25 Terra Mystica: Gaia Project

23:50 Constantinople

29:00 Valeria

  29:55 Villages of Valeria

  43:50 Quests of Valeria

March 20, 2017

1P 123 - Aeon’s End

Welcome to the 1 Player Podcast version 2.0. Albert drives through the BGG awards for best games of 2016, focusing on the games that are solitaire friendly (including co-ops, wargames, and print and plays). Let us know if the BGG awards are something you feel make a strong influence (like Albert) or are more of an overrated popularity contest (like Julius) or somewhere in between.
Then, Julius takes a more thorough look at the results of our Audience Participation Poll and announce a number of changes we are making to the format of the show in response to the survey results (including fixing the show at 60 minutes, segmenting our reviews, removing Whats It Missing, and many other changes). If you think we've gone too far or can make other changes, please let us know, especially if there are any topics or segments you would recommend we cover in the future.
We also announce our brand new Patreon! More details in the show, but we are opening up a Patreon to help us increase the depth of coverage on the show and other benefits.
After all that, Julius and Albert review Aeon's End, a deckbuilding game set in a magic using dystopian realm. We employ our new methods of game review, including our overall likes and dislikes.


Support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/1PlayerPodcast


BGG Awards (00:01)
Audience Participation Poll (00:09)
Aeon's End review (00:32)
Contest Winner (01:04)

March 5, 2017

1P 122 - Conquest of Paradise

Welcome to episode #122.  In this episode Albert relives the Year of Warames (2016).  He does that by talking about Conquest of Paradise a game of exploration, discovery and conquest in ancient ppolyponesia.  Also, we ramble on about stuff, including more games.


  • 00:32  Rambilng intro
  •   03:53 Podcast survey
  •   05:03 Stuff in general
  •   05:18 Game night for Julius
  •   08:03 Waiting for Games
  •   09:08 Onirim digital edition (BGG)
  •   11:34 Nautilion (BGG)
  •   13:04 Disaster in the Himalayas (BGG)
  •   13:43 Aeon's End (BGG)
  •   14:58 Island of Dr. Nereaux, 2nd edition (BGG)
  •   16:54 Qodd Heroes (BGG)
  • 20:02 Conquest of Paradise (BGG)
  •   56:15 What's it Missing
February 27, 2017

1P PSA - Audience Participation Poll

Listeners, thank you for subscribing. We are trying to get some feedback on the 1 Player Podcast. Julius and Albert take a small detour from our normal format to post up a podcast audience participation survey. We would really appreciate upir feedback and particpation. (And we're even giving away a gift certifiate to Miniature Market for survey respondents. )

Link to the Poll: https://boardgamegeek.com/article/25195624#25195624

February 21, 2017

1p 121 - Odin Games (A Feast For Odin)

Julius and Albert return from adventures in Norse mythology to talk about a highly thematic game. Well, they talk about A Feast For Odin, at least, and spend some time talking with Chris about Odin Quest. The mere mention of highly thematic games leads Albert down the dungeon hole of Card Rogue. And Albert and Julius talk about starting an audience participation survey (with more information on this topic to return next time).


Show notes:

  • Banter (00:00)

    • Mythologies (00:01)
    • Card Rogue (00:05)
    • Audience participation (00:07)
    • Pillars of Eternity: Lords of the Eastern Reach (00:15)
  • PnP Patrol: Odin Quest (00:17)
  • A Feast For Odin (00:49)
  • What's it Missing (01:38)

(Apologies for some of the skipping. Julius's computer did not process the recording correctly, which caused some skipping while recording.)

July 29, 2016

GenCantSoloCon Ep. 2 - Pre-Registration Event

GenCantSoloCon is right around the corner. Julius comes back to announce the opening of the official geeklist and the start of the pre-registration event. For more details listen to the podcast, or follow the links to the official geeklist:

July 11, 2016

GenCantSoloCon 2016 - Episode 1: Welcome

We're launching #GenCantSoloCon 2016 in this episode. Travis from the Low Player Count joins Julius to introduce the next annual GenCantSoloCon and lay out some of the basic details for the event. More details are going to be published as we draw closer to the date, but circle your calendars for the biggest solo convention of the year: August 4-7. We'll see you there.

July 19, 2015

Introducing the 2015 GenCan’t Solo Con

In this announcement, Julius Besser and Travis Hill (of the Low Player Count podcast) announce the 2015 GenCan't Solo Con. All of our listeners are invited to take part in a special stay-at-home convention. Participate with the rest of our guild, reach out to other solo gamers on BGG, twitter, and social media. And, most importantly, win some excellent games and prizes. More details are available on our guild and in the episode.

January 27, 2013

Future episodes?

I've got a list of about a dozen games I want to talk about in upcoming episodes.  At my normal rate this could be 8 months of shows!  Here's a preview of some I'm hoping to do sooner rather than later...

  • If I'm Going Down... (Actually, this will be the next episode)

Then, in no particular order and subject to change...

  • D-Day Dice
  • ANMA (Astro-Navis Merchant Advanced)
  • Dungeon Crawler
  • Race for the Galaxy using the Gathering Storm expansion rules.